Air Squat

Back Extension

Bent Over Row


Baby maker

Bear crawl

Bear walk

Bent over row, band, tempo 2125

Body complex 1 – upper

Bulgarian split squat


Candlestick roll to stand

Carry (Any style)

Cat horse, cow

Chinese Row, Sandbag

Clean & Jerk, Sandbag

Crab Bridge

Crab Reach

Cavalier stretch

Deadlift, one leg wall supported BW

Deadlift, one leg wall supported

Deadlift, one leg wall supported

Dip, feet elevated, double support

Dragon flag

DU oppure Jump high knees

Frog stretch

Hollow open-close witb broomstick


Devil Press, Sandbag

Dip (chair)

DL one leg, Sandbag

DL RMN regular one kb

DL RMN regular one kb with deficit

DL RMN sumo one kb

DL RMN sumo one kb with deficit

Glute Bridge Bodyweight

Glute Bridge Bodyweight 2

Ground to shoulder, heavy sandbag

Ground to shoulder, sandbag 

Goodmorning, weighted 

Handstand side touch, wall facing 

Handstand tripode, feet up 

Handstand tripode, hip balance 

Handstand tripode, leg play 1 

Handstand tripode, leg play 2

Handstand tripode, leg play 3

Handstand tripode, knees up

Handstand walk lateral, back to wall 

Hang clean, one arm, sandbag 

Hollow hold

Hollow rock e HS Tripode

Hollow rock

Hspu, Low Kipp

Hspu, Neck Kipp


i y t 

Jump over obstacle, hands support 

Jump over obstacle 

jump over, one leg

Jump, knees up

Leg curl with band

Leg curl, 2 legs, bodyweight

Leg extension with band

Leg frontal hold, seated

Leg L-sit hold, on support


Mountain Climber

OH walk, one arm, sandbag

Press, scott, weight

Press, shoulder or push, sandbag

Pull up strict

Push up, bottom hold, feet elevated

Push up, bottom hold

Push up, hindu

Push up, pike

Push up, russian k

Push up, russian 

Push up, side to side

Push up, wide stance

Push up

Plank on elbows

Press – sotts press

Pull forward, floor

Pull hold, banded

Push ups, scapular, on elbows


Sit up, russian

Snow reverse angel

Snow reverse angel 2


Squat _ tuck jump

Squat, back, tempo 52X1

Squat, goblet, sandbag

Squat, OHS sandbag

Squat, bulgarian split squat

Superman rock

Swing, russian or american, sandbag

SDHP sumo deadlift highpull, kb

Side quad walk

Spiderman and reach

Squat – OHS overhead squat

Squat and reach

Squat- prisoner wall squat, tempo 31X1

Table row feet elevated

Table row

Trap3 raise, no weight

Tuck hold

Thoracic extension, kneeling

Thruster one kb

Triceps overhead extension, band

Triceps overhead extension, weight

Tuck up

V-up (slow)

V up alternate

Wall slides

Wall ball no target

Wall sit hold, single leg 2



MISCELLANEA (e altre cassade)

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