Monday, 25 December – 2017

“Happy Birthday Prototipo”

Prototipo Burpee

“Pick your Poison”

Team of 4

At each “Choice” the team must choose which exercise they will do and then all members must complete rx’d distance or rep scheme for the exercise choosen. In between choices each member must complete each exercise at their “Base station”

At the Base Station team members must rotate one exercize at a time after ALL members have completed their full 15 reps, the base station is completed once all team members have completed 15 reps of all 4 exercises:

Base Station: 15 Kb Swing (24/16), 15 Thruster (20/15), 15 situp, 15 Box Jump (60/50)

Relay 100 Cal Bike or 2000 Row
Base Station
20 Partner Burpee Wall Ball @9kg
Base Station
15 HSPU or 50 Squat
Base Station
50 PushUp or 25 PullUps
Base Station
50 Jumping Squat or 25 Burpees
Base Station
1 Rope Climb or 25 TTB

Up to 2 members working at time except at Base Station/or Relays